Saturday, May 22, 2010

What I learned yesterday

Yesterday, I took a bit of a road trip. I went to Huntersville, North Carolina to go to a book signing. It was about three and a half hours, but totally worth it. I got to meet Jen Lancaster! She is completely amazing and it was such a great honor to meet her. She is totally just like I imagine her with reading her books. I learned a bit about myself with the seven or so hours in the car. I'm sure you are on the edge of your seat, so here goes.

1. Jen Lancaster and I would totally be besties if we lived in the same city. It's almost as if we have the same personality. Now, I realize this could be analyzed in one of two ways. First, I have such a high opinion of myself that I think I'm as witty and amazing as Jen. On the other side, I could think that she was only as funny and awesome as I am. So, I think we're just going to meet in the middle on this and say that we're both pretty stinking funny and we're both FANtastic. Yes, with a capital FAN!

2. I have a lot of hot air.I kept having to put on the defrost for the windshield and at one point, even for the back window! It was a bit embarrassing. At least if someone else was in the car, I could blame it only half on myself, even if it really was all me!

3. There are lots of lost treasures on my iPod. With all that time on my hands, I just hit shuffle and let it ride. I found a ton of stuff on there that I had forgotten about. Beverley Mitchell, The Flaming Lips, Infinities End, Tyler Hilton. Man, I have such a variety of music on there, that there is something for every mood and moment.

4. I don't know nearly enough about the Bravo Housewives. Apparently if someone asks you if you're on Team Bethenny or Team Jill, you need to have a good, valid response to this. As well as supporting arguments to back up your reasoning. Apparently I would also need to know which city these people are supposed to be involved with.

I'm sure there were many more profound proclamations that I made about myself and my habits while on my little trip. But, that is all I can recall. It's not like I was able to take notes while I was driving! I'm sure there will be more revelations to make in the future, but I'm sure this was enough for now!

Talk to me soon...