Thursday, August 12, 2010

I don't like where this is going...or maybe I do, I'm not sure yet.

Well, it has been an interesting few weeks, to say the least. I have been blackballed by someone, I'm not really sure why, but someone I thought was a friend, has turned their back. Now, if you're my friend, chances are that I'm going to bend over backwards to do any and everything that is humanly possible to make your life easier. Maybe I'm too much to handle. I'd say that if this were a new friendship, but it's more than two decades old! Yes, I'm playing the pronoun game. I don't want to name any names, but if you are reading this, you know who you are!

Oh well, what is it they say? Out with the old, in with the new? If that's the way you feel, then good riddance. But, if you ever need me, you know I'm here. I'd never turn my back on you, and you know that. I'm here if and when you're ready.

On that note, I've also reconnected with someone that I have known for approximately the same amount of time. Things are good with him and it has been fun reminiscing. He always was fun and we used to work together. So, it is bringing back a lot of memories that I thought were lost forever! It's amazing how our brains work. It brings out a big smile on my face when something comes to light that's been hidden in the caverns of my mind.

I'm a bit sleep deprived and wondering why exactly I am still awake. I have to be up in approximately five hours to get ready for work. I'm going to be quite crabby in the morning, that I can guarantee.

So, that's what's been going on in my life the last few weeks, what's going on in yours? I have to tell you a secret. I'm dying to see "Vampire Sucks." I took a brief poll on Facebook and don't think that I will be the oldest person there. In fact, I may be among the median age group that this is actually being marketed towards.

Speaking of Marketing. I miss my old job. Public Relations, Marketing and Social Media, that's where all the fun is, but, I'm in Sales for a bit. I'm doing what I can to make it through Grad School. I had to get through a few less than choice jobs during my Undergrad, so this should be a walk in the park.

Speaking of Undergrad, guess who I run into at least twice a month now?! Ellen! Now, this means nothing to anyone except Paige, but we get to catch up at Spa Visage over polish while waiting on our pedicure or manicure appointments. She is such an awesome lady to know. She was an amazing mentor and Professor during college and I get to laugh and talk with her and hear about people, places and things that I've lost contact.

My life is one long stream of consciousness. And, I'm a big fan of the ellipsis, in case you hadn't figured that out.