Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yes, I know, I use that word too often. I'm really very irritated. Why must people lie? It cannot make you feel better. If you think you're sparing my feelings, don't. I'm going to find out eventually. I would much rather you come right out and tell me the truth from day one. I'm such a naive little girl that I'm going to look for the good in you anyway. I am just like Linus, waiting and believing on The Great Pumpkin or The Easter Beagle.

Eventually, I'll move on, but not before I am the one who has come out of it damaged and bruised. I have to be put back together again and that's not a good thing. Seriously, people. We are all adults here, right? Why must you bother me with this petty, irritating and annoying stuff?

If you're here looking for lollipops and bubble gum dreams, look elsewhere. I have nothing good to say today.

Sorry to rant, but, what's a girl to do?!

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