Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Little Princess Cupcake

There once was a Princess named Cupcake. She lived in a beautiful condo with lots of nice toys. She would laugh and play and have fun every day. She had loads of pretty shoes and purses and more friends than she ever had time to play with. One beautiful day, Princess Cupcake fell in love with a boy. Things were going great, they would go out and have fun, shop, play games and see movies. But, it seemed like Princess Cupcake put way more into this relationship than Prince Harry did. Could it be that the lovely Princess loved the Prince more than he loved her? How is this possible? She is FANtastic and everyone loves her. She's pretty cute and has the best personality of all the little Princesses in the land. But, one day, she realized that Prince Harry was not the one for her. This made her a little bit sad, but with this revelation, she had an epiphany.

John Lennon said that all we need is love. Princess Cupcake thinks that all she needs is herself. She got tired of trying to figure out all the Prince's in the land.

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