Wednesday, April 21, 2010

H is out the door

Well, I talked with H today and ended things. I've been investing way too much into this There's only so much a girl can put up with and keep her dignity. I think I am desperately in need of a spa weekend. Anyone want to meet me in Arizona for the weekend? Nothing like the desert to rejuvenate me and get me back on the proverbial market.

Any suggestions? Feel free to send goodies you think will cheer me up and make me forget about him. Actually, I'm giving him way too much attention with this. I didn't get too emotionally involved, so I guess I should just forget about it all.

I learned a long time ago that I shouldn't ever have to depend on someone else to support me or to give me anything that I may need in life. Thanks to the one guy who taught me that lesson, I think that he may have just ruined me for any future relationships I will have. You know who you are, I won't name names.

I guess it true...No one puts Baby in the corner.

Talk to me soon!

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