Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ugly Betty?

I had the strangest dream last night. The cast of Ugly Betty was there and I was Betty. Now, I am not Latino, I have blonder hair and I do not wear braces. Now, Daniel Meade was my boyfriend, not Eric Mabius, Daniel Meade. It was funny because everyone in the cast was their cast member, not their original selves.

It was really weird because there were a bunch of people from high school there too. Not people that I was really close to, but like sisters and brothers of people I were friends with. So, we're all just friends, we didn't work together or anything. One night we were hanging out and decided that we would go out of town for the weekend. We went to some huge mansion, think Biltmore. It seemed to be miles and miles long and so many stories that I couldn't keep count.

Daniel and I had this relationship, but we hadn't gone public with it. We didn't see a reason to until we figured out what it was or if it even was anything. But, we weren't seeing anyone else, out of respect for each other. So, on this weekend away, we just stayed apart to not ruffle any feathers with our friends. But, he had the nerve to sleep with someone else the first night we got there. Later that night, we snuck down to one of the bottom floors and started kissing and he tells me what he did. He said he was keeping up appearances of his reputation.

That's pretty bad if even in my dreams my guy cheats on me!

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