Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Last night

So, I went to see the movie Land Ho! I highly recommend it, if it's playing near you. It is showing at our art house theatre. Sadly, me, my friend and only one other person were in the showing last night. I hope it sticks around, because it is so funny. With our art house, most movies only last a week. But, run to yours in droves to see it, if you are able. 

After a really funny movie and some bonding time with my pal, I came home and started to contemplate what I needed to do. Laundry, take out the trash, get on my elliptical. I opted for crawling into bed. While I was lying there, drifting off to sleep, I began to think about this certain boy. He is just a friend, but in the past things were more serious. I was just wondering where is now and what he's doing. That was the last thought I remember. 

When I woke up, I was all "what the heck?!" I had this dream about an ex-boyfriend, for clarity I'll call him Finn. (I can call him the b word, we were about 20 when we dated, and no, his real name isn't Finn.) I haven't thought of him in so long, it took me awhile to remember his last name! So, in this dream, he was all "I want you back. We were meant to be together. You're my soulmate, blah, blah, blah." Finn finally convinced me we belong together and then there was this strange car chase. It was in a familiar neighborhood, (that two different exes lived in!) During the car chase, Finn was driving one car, I was in the second with a different guy. We were all trying to get to Finn's parents house. It was all very bizarre. 

Of course, the first thing I did was wonder what happened to Finn. Is he  still with that horrible girl he broke up with me to be with? Did she break his heart (I hoped, I know, I'm a terrible person.) I typed Finn's name into Facebook, and there he was smiling back at me. He had a woman and two kids in the picture, it wasn't the same one he left me for, but I didn't snoop around to find out all about him. I did see he lives one county over now. But, it got me to thinking. Whatever did happen to my ghosts of boyfriends past? This is a rabbit hole, I should probably steer clear of, so I shut down my Mac and just went to work. What are your thoughts? 

Talk to me soon! 

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