Saturday, May 7, 2016

Today's another day

Well, each day comes with a new perspective, right? It's been what seems like weeks since I have seen my Charming Suitor. He surprised me this morning by waking me up. CS has a key to come and go as he pleases and I love it when he surprises me.

It was really early this morning when he came by and he really only had about 15 or 20 that he could stay. He had to be at work early and once I finallu woke up, it meant the world to me that he came to see me.

I wanted hi, to crawl into bed with me, hold me and never let go, before I reslixed he only had a few minutes. We made the most of the time we had. Now it just makes me miss him even more. I really want this man to be completely mine. But, I know that isn't an option. I just hope I don't fall in love. He's already told me the consequences if that happens. There are two, and neither are good.

Talk to me soon jellybeans, xoxo

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