Wednesday, April 21, 2010

H is out the door

Well, I talked with H today and ended things. I've been investing way too much into this There's only so much a girl can put up with and keep her dignity. I think I am desperately in need of a spa weekend. Anyone want to meet me in Arizona for the weekend? Nothing like the desert to rejuvenate me and get me back on the proverbial market.

Any suggestions? Feel free to send goodies you think will cheer me up and make me forget about him. Actually, I'm giving him way too much attention with this. I didn't get too emotionally involved, so I guess I should just forget about it all.

I learned a long time ago that I shouldn't ever have to depend on someone else to support me or to give me anything that I may need in life. Thanks to the one guy who taught me that lesson, I think that he may have just ruined me for any future relationships I will have. You know who you are, I won't name names.

I guess it true...No one puts Baby in the corner.

Talk to me soon!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

How much is a girl supposed to put up with?

The million dollar question is how much should I put up with. Boys can be quite silly at times and not realize what is standing right in front of them until it is too late. Yes, I think I'm fabulous, but I guess not everyone does. Am I beating a dead horse?

So, I've been seeing someone. We'll call him H. It seems as though I'm putting way more into this relationship than he is and I'm wondering, at this point in my life, do I want to put up with that? I guess I have to figure that out for myself. I need to go do some analyzing.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

small life crisis?

Who decided when we were in what stage in life? Most people go through their mid-life crisis in their late 40's or early 50's, right? Well, if that is mid-life, what are your 30's?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ugly Betty?

I had the strangest dream last night. The cast of Ugly Betty was there and I was Betty. Now, I am not Latino, I have blonder hair and I do not wear braces. Now, Daniel Meade was my boyfriend, not Eric Mabius, Daniel Meade. It was funny because everyone in the cast was their cast member, not their original selves.

It was really weird because there were a bunch of people from high school there too. Not people that I was really close to, but like sisters and brothers of people I were friends with. So, we're all just friends, we didn't work together or anything. One night we were hanging out and decided that we would go out of town for the weekend. We went to some huge mansion, think Biltmore. It seemed to be miles and miles long and so many stories that I couldn't keep count.

Daniel and I had this relationship, but we hadn't gone public with it. We didn't see a reason to until we figured out what it was or if it even was anything. But, we weren't seeing anyone else, out of respect for each other. So, on this weekend away, we just stayed apart to not ruffle any feathers with our friends. But, he had the nerve to sleep with someone else the first night we got there. Later that night, we snuck down to one of the bottom floors and started kissing and he tells me what he did. He said he was keeping up appearances of his reputation.

That's pretty bad if even in my dreams my guy cheats on me!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Canine Relocation Program

Ok, so my neighbors are quite annoying. I have a two bedroom condo and have lived here for years. It has been such a peaceful, quiet neighborhood. Until now. The street behind me is a set of two story townhouses. They are quite small compared to my condo and we all have patio's. The patio that is outside of my bedroom window, about 10 feet away, has three permanent residents. I have never met them, but from the sounds of them, one is a basset hound. I have no idea what the other two are, but I know they are dogs.

The people who live in this townhouse are completely deplorable animal owners. They never let their dogs come inside. So, I am left to suffer when I am in my bedroom. I am really not fans of these neighbors. I have no idea what their names are, but I have sent them very mean letters pretending to be from the homeowners association advising them that under no circumstances are they to leave their dogs outside after 6 p.m. Why 6 p.m., you ask? That's when I get off from work.

They have taken to ignoring the letters, so I am instituting the Canine Relocation Program. I have a discreet location that I am relocating them to, and it is under such great protection that even the NBC CIA Operative "Chuck" couldn't find it, because as USA Network says, it needs to be hidden "In Plain Sight."

So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, feel free to send me any and all submissions into the Canine Relocation Program. We are a non-profit start-up as well, so donations are accepted.

I'm out...justme!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

What's a girl to do?

I am trying to figure out my life. I have a job with great benefits and amazing pay, but unfortunately, I do not enjoy it. What's a girl to do?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yes, I know, I use that word too often. I'm really very irritated. Why must people lie? It cannot make you feel better. If you think you're sparing my feelings, don't. I'm going to find out eventually. I would much rather you come right out and tell me the truth from day one. I'm such a naive little girl that I'm going to look for the good in you anyway. I am just like Linus, waiting and believing on The Great Pumpkin or The Easter Beagle.

Eventually, I'll move on, but not before I am the one who has come out of it damaged and bruised. I have to be put back together again and that's not a good thing. Seriously, people. We are all adults here, right? Why must you bother me with this petty, irritating and annoying stuff?

If you're here looking for lollipops and bubble gum dreams, look elsewhere. I have nothing good to say today.

Sorry to rant, but, what's a girl to do?!