Tuesday, December 30, 2014

You would think I'd learn

There are so many lessons to learn in life. If we are lucky, we never stop learning. I try to learn something every day. Today, I started to work with a new personal trainer. I learned how to work with some new machines. And, how to properly use the ones I was using incorrectly!

One lesson I have not learned is to not go on blind dates. I have not had a lot of luck with them. Either the boy is mean, indifferent or just not compatible with me. Normally, there is only one date. Sometimes, we get along and a 2nd or 3rd date comes about. We talk about how we met, our mutual friends that may have set us up, or whatever we have in common.

What normally happens is that one of us gets bored. Either he wants it to progress farther than I want it to at this point, or we realize that we are going nowhere. If you're keeping up, you know that I got hit by a fella recently. That was a blind date. So, I guess I can add getting punched to the list of why my blind relationships don't work!

I'm not like most people. If everyone is going right, I'll go left. Sometimes the other path leads to the best surprises. A lot of people are very free with sex. I'm not saying that I have inhibitions or am a prude, but I think that sex just for the sake of having sex isn't worth it. Don't get me wrong, I have needs just like the next girl, and I'm no virgin. But, I'm not going to have sex with someone unless I have true feelings for him.

Now, I'm not saying my way is right. Or that I will always feel this way. But, I've felt this way for quite a while now. I know that kids these days are having sex with any and everything that isn't nailed down. I'm sure there are teenagers who have had more sexual partners than I have. What do you think?

Talk to me soon, xo.

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