Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bad Hair Week?

Ok, so I went to a different salon than I normally go to. Let's just call it Flair. I asked the lady (whose hands reeked of cigarette smoke) to put a full color on my hair and make it a dark blonde. I told her specifically that I did not want it to be a medium, dark or even a very light brown. She said no problem, she would make it look great.

Well, needless to say, when she washed my hair and began to dry it, I almost started crying. It's about as brown as a Hershey Bar! It looks terrible!!! About halfway through the blow dry, the minion she asked to dry my hair asked how I liked it and I lost it! I told her I hated it and my eyes started watering. So, now I'm sitting in "Flair" in Fountain City and I'm blubbering like an idiot. I knew better than to cheat on my regular colorist! The cigarette smelling lady came back over and proclaimed that it's exactly the color I asked for. I looked at her like she was crazy and advised her that Chocolate Brown is NOT Dark Blonde. She proceeded to explain to me that it's exactly what it was. I would have complained to the manager, but guess what?! She's the owner!!!

So, I have an appointment this weekend to fix the terrible mess that is on my head. I've cried so much, I just can't anymore. Anyone know where a girl can find a good turban in Knoxville?

It just proves my point further. When you find a good colorist, don't cheat on him. I know you'll never see this, but Kippy, I'm very sorry, you have a big mess to clean up.

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