Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's over

Well, Hot Ness Monster and I are finished. It wasn't going to work, Pancakes and Brownie did NOT get along! But, Hot Ness realized that Pancakes was more important and he bowed out gracefully. I have to commend him for that. I guess it's a good thing, since I'm married...have I told you that story? I promised to fill you in on the polygamy story in my last post, so here goes.

Well, I have a husband and wife that live in Belgium. We met on and we lived happily ever after. At least until I ran them out of the country! Speaking of polygamy, have you tried Polygamy Porter? It's a fabulous porter out of a little brewery in Salt Lake City. Back to the original story...

So, here I was, all alone and playing on the Internet. I stumbled across and the rest is history. Jean and Chris, my husband and wife. They are two of the coolest people you would ever meet. They lived in D.C. and I was all by myself in Washington State. We met up occasionally as our respective situations would allow. Although it was never enough, we made the best of the time we had together. We were able to meet up in Kansas City and D.C. a few times. But, before we knew it, we were on separate continents.

So far, it's working out fabulously. Maybe that has to do with the five time zones between us? I'm hopeful that one day, we will be reunited, but until then, I guess I'm just stuck here all alone...what's a girl to do? Questions? Ask away!

Big Love...

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