Sunday, February 21, 2010

My old friend Pacey

Ok, admit it. You have all watched Dawson's Creek at one point in your life. I'm laying in bed, watching reruns and Dawson came on. It was one of my favorite episodes. It's the one where Jonathan Lipnicki (from Jerry Maguire) was on it as a kid who was in the Capeside Mentor program. Pacey had landed himself in some sort of trouble (big shock!) and he was assigned to be Jonathan's Mentor. When they first met, he kept calling Pacey Pissy. I laughed so hard it hurt. Do you remember this one? If not, you're missing out! It's also the one where Pacey had to go pick Joey up after she tried to spend the weekend with her college boyfriend AJ, only to find out there was another girl. He then proceeded to pull off the side of the road and finally kiss Joey to show him how he felt. Don't even get me started on Andie's hair! Dude, she has some MAJOR root action going on. I know it was just the WB, but I'm sure she had some money for a decent colorist if not trying to do it (gasp!) herself.

Dawson used to come on before Felicity on the now defunt WB. Brandi and I used to get on our respective couches and watch the two episodes on Wednesday nights. Then we would proceed to watch a movie where I would not even make it through the opening credits most of the time. She always knew I would never make it, but she always indulged me. Brandi was a great friend to have as a roomie!

On a different note, I am in the process of gutting my condo. As you may or may not know, I let someone rent it while I was away with the whole Army phase. Well, it is a mess now! I have had to do a lot of stuff to repair the place and I am nowhere near finished! So, the short version of this very long saga is to never rent a place that you care about.

Ok, so I'm going to lay back down now and go to bed. I hope to talk to you soon! Big props to Angie for my first comment! Yeah, I feel validated that someone is taking their time to actually read my blog. Talk to me soon, guys!

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