Sunday, February 21, 2010

Summer Roberts

Ok, so unless you have lived under a rock, you have probably heard of The OC. Even more likely, you have probably watched at least a little bit of an episode or two. That being said, I was totally hooked. Granted, I didn't start to watch until year 3, so I had a bit to catch up on, but I still got hooked eventually. As I am sure you have noticed, I have a soft spot for prime time soapy type shows. Yes, I know, I am way too old to be watching this on a regular basis, but at least I admit that I like bad TV...that counts for something, doesn't it?!

Ok, back to the point. Summer Roberts was Rachel Bilson's character on the show. Knowing that I may be out for a bit due to the tests I had ran, I took the liberty of tivo-ing (yes, I made up that word) the Summer Spice Marathon on the Soap Channel. It was seven back-to-back episodes that were filled with Summer at her finest. I started watching the marathon a few days ago. I did not have the energy to watch them all at once. But, I did watch three of them yesterday and I drifted off to sleep watching the final episode. Dude, I had some strange dreams!

I had this really crazy dream where Summer and I were both at Brown and Che had already lured her into that political era where she didn't keep up with her hygene. So, Che had worked his magic on me as well and she and I were in competition for him. Why, I am not sure, it was Che. Anyway, we kept switching back and forth between scenes from various points in the four-year drama that really didn't go in sequence. But, for the most part it was me against Summer. I'm not sure who eventually won, but if you watched, it was kind of like when Summer and Anna were in direct competition for Seth. So, it was just all really strange.

Speaking of Anna, what was she thinking when she showed up to Brown?! Not that she didn't have a right to be there. I'm talking, of course, about the terrible hair extensions that she had in her hair. I really hope she has a better stylist for this new show she is on the in fall.

Alright, I'm finished with my pointless ramble for right now. Stay tuned, I'm sure I'll have more to say one day soon...until then, happy reading!

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